Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More gs finds, striped hat finished

I very much enjoy portraits of domestic life. The great painters of old caught the vignettes of daily living so exquisitely, that one can gaze upon any one of those portraits and be transported to that day and time.
Some people become tired of looking at these and sell them at garage sales, and I find some of them, bully for me!

Feeding the chickens

Knitting a sock
Wing chair that I have always wanted. After sitting in it for a few seconds, I offered the lady $20.00, she thought for a long time, and then took the money.
She had asked $30.00, a great buy at that price. It had lived in someone's touch-me-not room. It is pristeen. Now it lives in our family room-turned library. It is very comfortable. The winter knitting chair, now.

It goes well with my knitted afghan (our children gave me the yarn one year--it is king size)
I needlepointed the leopard many years ago. I still love it.
Now...the machine knitted cap for #3b. If you remember the flaw...I used it to be the fold up place--very convenient. I had to knit a couple more stripes, since it seemed too small.

Kirtchner stitch makes it look like a tube.
Another view.

And, one more view.

I sewed it along one side and rolled the other side. It did not look quite right until I folded the corners down and stitched them.
Last but not least. The back of the pink sweater for #2c. I had to hold it down with is not blocked yet, and it wants to curl up.

Seeing that I have many other UFOs it is difficult to show you all of them. Sometimes I prefer knitting and other times sewing; sometimes crochet, and others embroidery; sometimes wool combing, others spinning.
You will see things while they are WIP and when they are finished.
It has been warmish again--rather it has been humid--over 80% humidity. One of our DD living in an arrid state misses the humidity, here is some humidity, just for you #1! i.e., clingy hair, damp garage floor, mosquitos, fruit flies, mouldy bread--after 2 days, etc., etc., etc.
Fans are going, and the gnats are falling into their trap. [some apple cider vinegar, a little water, and a couple of drops of dish liquid--they are attracted to the vinegar, and the detergent breaks the water tension--gnat gone!]
I'll leave you with this:

"But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach" Rom 10:8
In His hands, ^__^


Ravenhill said...

Wonderful finds! The chair is so handsome! I love it with the pink afghan thrown over it! You sure did get a bargain! The hat is darling!!!

Thank you so much for all the great info you had for me about my mysterious linen! I really appreciate it!
~Emily in Norway

Daisy said...

Oh I love your yard sale finds!!! Good job!

bunches of yarn said...

ravenhill, you are welcome.