Monday, January 19, 2009

Have been super busy

And I should be posting regularly, soon.

In the meantime, my friend send me this list. You have probably received it also, it is making the email rounds.

(Please excuse the sentence breaks and spacing, I could not 'fix it')


God's accuracy may be observed in the hatching of
eggs. For example, the eggs of the potato bug hatch in 7

Those of the canary in 14 days;
Those of the barnyard hen in 21 days.
The eggs of ducks and geese hatch in 28 days;

Those of the mallard in 35 days.
The eggs of the parrot and the ostrich hatch
in 42 days.
(Notice, they are all divisible by Seven).

The lives of each of you may be ordered by the Lord in a
beautiful way for His glory, if you will only entrust Him
with your life. If you try to regulate your own life, it
will only be a mess and a failure. Only the One who made
the brain and the heart can successfully guide them to a
profitable end

God's wisdom is seen in the making of an elephant.
The four legs of this great beast all bend forward in the
same direction. No other Quadruped is so made. God
planned that this animal would have a huge body, too large
to live on two legs. For this reason He gave it four
fulcrums so that it can rise from the ground easily.

The horse rises from the ground on its two front legs

A cow rises from the ground with its two hind legs first.

How wise the Lord is in all His works of creation!
God's wisdom is revealed in His arrangement of sections
and segments, as well as in the number of grains.

Each watermelon has an even number of strips on the rind.

Each orange has an even number of segments.
Each ear of corn has an even number of rows.

Each stalk of wheat has an even number of grains.

Every bunch of bananas has on its lowest row an even number
of bananas, and each row decreases by one, so that one row
has an even number and the next row an odd number.

The waves of the sea roll In on shore twenty-six to the
minute in all kinds of weather.

All grains are found in even numbers on the stalks, and the
Lord specified thirtyfold, sixtyfold, and a hundredfold -
all even numbers.

God has caused the flowers to blossom at certain specified
times during the day, so that Linneus, the great botanist,
once said that if he had a conservatory containing the right
kind of soil, moisture and temperature, he could tell the
time of day or night by the flowers that were open and those
that were closed!

Thus the Lord in His wonderful grace can arrange the life
that is entrusted to His care in such a way that it will
carry out His purposes and plans, and will be fragrant with
His presence.
Only the God-planned life is successful. Only the life
given over to the care of the Lord is safe.

Author unknown

(Edited by Peasant House)

I'll leave you with this:

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day." Gen 1:31

In His hands, ^__^

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Forgot to tell you about the Silpat on which I baked the biscotti logs. (See January 5 post)

Last summer, at one of the garage sales was a box of free stuff, at the bottom of the driveway. I usually do not pay attention to those 'free boxes' but this one caught my attention. Half way out of the box was this Silpat. As the lady saw me inspecting it, she said: "take it, its free, AND there is nothing wrong with it. I just don't like how it feels" Woohoo for me!
I brought it home, washed it and now I'm using it.

The Silpat keeps the bottoms of breads and cookies from overbrowning--I have a tendency to overbrown. Since my oven's thermostat has, long since, given up its duties, I have to bake like my ancestors did.

My stove is a 1942 Maytag Dutch Oven. I appreciate it immensely. There is a wide space between the burners, which serves as a holding station.

I'll leave you with this:

"I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,
And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth." Isa 62:6-7

In His hands, ^__^

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biscotti part 2 and redone wool

Hello Ladies

Daisy asked for the recipe for my biscotti. Here is the YouTube where I got the recipe.

I must tell you that I watched over one dozen videos before I decided on this recipe. It seemed to be the most authentic.

However, and as tasty and good as they are...they are hard as rocks--well, they need to be dunked in something so they can be eaten. Actuallly, I ate a few without dunking, but had to be cautious...they are very hard!

My next batch will have butter, although I chose this butterless recipe for the authenticity.

All the videos recomend cooling the 'logs' before slicing, but another video--I cannot find it now--recomends slicing while hot from the oven to avoid crumbling. As you can see in my previous post there is almost no crumbling at the cutting board.

Here they are ready to go back in the oven.

On the cooling rack

I placed them in a cookie tin, which I keep lined with parchment paper. It is my cookie/biscotti tin.

Now an update on my tooken-apart-and-hung-to-stretch-and-skeined-and-rewound wool. Pfeww!

Wool winding

Hanging to dry, weighted down with my knitting machine weights.

Close up of a weight

My favourite weight is a hanging pot, but I could not use them this time as we had put the pots away for the winter.

As I wind the wool using my trusty wooden swift. I've had this swift for over 15 years. It is made in Sweden by GAJ

Wound wool resting on my winding bench, which was made by my husband with the assistance of #5 when he was 6 years old. #5 would sit on this bench, in the kitchen and read to me while I made dinner. This little bench always reminds me of those days.

I clamp the 'legs' to a table, as you can see in the above picture. The winder is always clamped to the bench.

I'm in the process of reknitting the sweater. Have the back and both fronts done, and are almost finished with the sleeves. I'll show you another time.

I'll leave you with this:

"For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life" Pro 6:23

In His hands, ^__^

Monday, January 5, 2009

Can you say bis-coat-ty

and NOT bis-kah-ttie.

Hey, whaddayaknow!
I got the pictures in...more later. Gotta run right now.

In all things, give thanks.