Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Still old picture

Had to run yesterday and did not have time to come back.

Took my Mom to her hair lady. It was so icy...I slid a few times but did not fishtailed, thank the Lord.

I don't understand how a huge mass of Pacific moist air can override an Arctic cold air front. The weather guy explains it, and it makes lots of sense...physically and humid air rises, but cold dry air sinks (is this boring you?) so the rain from the Pacific air mass drops as rain above the Arctic air and cools as it goes through the cold air. The Arctic air--not being dense--allows no time for the rain to re-freeze so, when it reaches the frozen ground--that would be our homes, cars, roads, etc, etc--that very cold rain freezes as it touches the frozen surfaces. Thus resulting in black ice, frozen over snow, frozen windshield wipers [and I mean, crusted on] and all of that wintery stuff.

You who have not experienced this weather phenomenon cannot appreciate the fact that the glazed over key lock in the car is troublesome when one does not have 'keyless entry'

Ok, when I took my Mom back home, I slid backwards on her driveway. Then I backed all the way to the street again and drove over the snow, which gave me the needed traction to get very close to the garage, and the carpeting I had laid down for her to walk on without slipping. It all worked out great. Thank you, Lord.

Today the sun is shining brightly. Temp is around 12F and there is a stiff breeze. The weather guy said that tomorrow it will be 40F and Friday 60F. Do I believe him? The Pacific air mass is relentless, and maybe it would get that high...we shall see. Now it is officialy/calendarically (this is not a word) WINTER.

I will get back to my 'irks' another time. Now, I have to make more seasonal goodies for the 'festivus' celebration.

I'll leave you with this:

"He giveth snow like wool: he scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes.
He casteth forth his ice like morsels: who can stand before his cold?
He sendeth out his word, and melteth them: he causeth his wind to blow, and the waters flow." Psa 147:16-18

In His hands, ^__^

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Post without pictures

I went to post last night and found something wrong with my picture accessing apparatus.

DS 'the computer genius' who comes to the rescue, was busy and could not help me. Hopefully he can help before the 'big winter eating festivities' (which said festivities are at his house, again, this year), but and if he is cannot, then you will read more than you'll look [maybe you won't read at all] I'll bore you with a ton of pictures in a couple of days or so.

In the meantime I will share my irks, or that which is irksome to me. Actually just a couple.
One of them which comes to mind is the inappropriate use of plurals. i.e., "we are having so and so for dinner" {this one could be acceptable, but you know she does not include her husband in this sentece, because she had to clean, cook, set the table, and make all the preparations}
The so-called Imperial "We" can be used when the person is representing a group, or a company, or a govenment. Such as I heard yesterday in a report about Secretary Rice. In the audio clip she said: "We made some progress in our meeting" She represents the President and the people of the U.S. so it is acceptable; however "we" were not there with her in the meeting.

Another example: [I know this annoys most of those who pay attention] "How are we doing today?" I used to answer with a 'clever' response, but...what's the use. Those using such a push-button-buzz-word-unthinking greeting do not wish to hear an actual answer. Why not say, Hello. Now, that would be quite radical today. A long time ago I decided not to greet anyone with the typical, "Hi, how are you?" but say, "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" etc. You'd think that people would answer likewise, but no! I have heard so many respond: "Fine, thank you" Of course, now I have stopped laughing, and just smile politely. But, it is 'great puzzlement' to me that the vast majority of people pay, absolutly, NO ATTENTION when doing public exchanges.

Yesterday I could not follow a cooking lady in YouTube as she kept using WE instead of I and OUR instead of THIS or THE. "We add OUR such and such, then WE pour OUR this and that. Then WE put it in OUR oven, and WE bake it for this long" OY!

Gotta run, more later

Thursday, December 18, 2008

So cold everywhere

The temp in the house is this 63F

And outside it's this...8F

I know that most of the U.S. is in the deep freeze and will not bore you with details. We have not lost power, the roads are all ploughed, and DH shovelled the driveway yesterday.

But, I had to put these on. I finished them last winter and did not have an opportunity to wear them. Let me tell you, that they did not work so well indoors. I think that they would be great for outdoors. Since the leggings are fairisle they are thicker than single yarn leggings. I am certain that they will guard me in the fierce 40-60mph winds we had for the last two days. Good thing I did not have to go outside.

Stayed in and worked on finishing stuff, and made bread and pizza.

I had to show you my mill--the one I use all the time--it looks like it's 'plum-tuckered-out' from all the milling it had to do.

Well, I only did one batch of four loaves--as always--but I think the picture is sort of comical, with the sponge filter half way out.
I did not want to bore you with more pictures of bread and pizza.
Now I have some version of cabin fever, not having gone out since Saturday. DH wants to take me for a pleasant drive, but the weather guy has been frightening the population by saying that we are going to be coated by ice. So far...nothing! Just looked at the doppler radar and *nutt'n* coming down. That means we could go for a *pleasant drive* before dinner.
DH had an office "snack day" (I sent one pizza and a loaf of bread, sliced) He said he was so full that he did not want any dinner...(maybe a salad)...I'm thinking Matzo ball soup...yum!
At this time of year his office "snack day" is more like the *dining halls of the Roman Empire* but I digress.
I have the doldrums, probably a combination of recovering from that 'lots of cough' cold, being indoors, and no sunshine--that reminds me to go take my cod-liver-oil (Carlson brand, it's lemon flavour, not bad)
Also, have a complaint about bloggers, including me.
Ok, so, I have many blogs bookmarked in my favorites, and go to them 2 or 3 times a week. Well, there are many of them that have not had a new post in days [not too bad], weeks [not too good] and some have not posted in months! [that's crummy]
Mind you, 'my' blog favorites are knitters, crocheters, homekeepers, cooks, wool combers/carders, spinners, quilters, and sewers, for the most part. And these do not include my 'blogs I like to visit' on my right margin.
It seems that when I find a really good, informative, practical blog--although she has posted regularly--there are no new subsequent posts.
Should I delete the delayed blogs?
How long do you 'put up' with such postlessness?
I am too demanding of my fellow bloggers, albeit taking, occasional vacations myself?
Perhaps, I am too demanding {besides being a hypocrite--I do the same, that I accuse others of doing}
Maybe these are rhetorical are welcome to leave input.
I'll leave you with this:

"The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God." Psa 14:2
In His hands, ^__^

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some festivities over...back to routine...almost...

And *the people* have ALL gone back home, each to his respective state.

Wow! it was busy, and noisy, and busy.

I've been doing some cleaning, picking up, dusting, and LAUNDRY, and putting things back. I'm sort of slow doing it all, since both DH and I have a nasty cold. HATE IT!

Feeling much better today, and should be finished folding all the bedding tomorrow.

Have to make bread also, and get goat's milk as well. Good thing the goat-sitting did not work out (remember I told you, back then?) or I would not have been able to take care of the doe while having company. Phew!

This morning #4 calls me to find out what are the plans for *the winter eating festival* What is he thinking?!?! I asked him to, please, give me a few days to recover before making another menu for the *resident army*...he are MOM (super is implied) and you can be making plans already...yeah, head is not pounding now, so it's funny to me too, right now. . .

...I did not tell you, that for the Thanksgiving dinner we were 27 sitting down at table and 2 babes in arms. The Friday following Thanksgiving, we 'hang out' together most of the day, and leftover lunch is the *main event* (plus football) for Friday's hang-out-for-left-overs-lunch we were 32...this time we were not so formal...#4 and Mrs. #4 with brand-new baby were able to come.
Lord bless #2 and Mrs. #2 for having the most floor space to accomodate the 4 tables and the 'million' chairs, for all of us to be together. It was so nice to be all in one room.


Got some snow, and cold temps,'s almost Winter. (10 more days of Autumn)

I'm so glad...I found, again, a place to purchase one of my soap making ingredients. Now I can make soap again. I have several orders on hold (maybe 4)
By the way...I found Nancy Today on YouTube several weeks ago. She is a lady in Canada, native of Georgia. She is delightful, teaches stuff, is poignant and funny...maybe 'cause..."been there, done that" (well not quite, but almost). She uses downspout drain PVC tubes as soap molds. I shall have to try it. Seems to reduce the shaping time of the bars. She goops the inside of the tubes with petroleum jelly, i.e., Vaseline (R), and uses a home made pusher-outer to slide the long bar of soap easily.
She has something like 1600 videos, and has been vlogging for one year. Amazing stamina!

I'll leave you with this:

"This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all." I John 1:5

In His hands, ^__^

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

100th Post!

And not much to say, except...we are still *full* of people...OUR people...loving it.

I will give you a *brief* report:

All's well.

Ate turkey and the appropriate accompanying stuff.

Took tons of pictures, but will not be sharing them here, too bad!

Some of *the people* back in their home...several states away.

God is exceedingly, abundantly good to us.

Got first snow...a dusting.

No knitting, no sewing, no needlework of any kind...well, sewed a couple of buttons.

Lots of cooking, dishes, and know...the basic food pyramid.

#4 and Mrs. #4's baby arrived on the 24th. All good. (Sweater looks great on her, and so does the cap.) Parents doing great! Siblings love her.

I'll leave you with this:

"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
Pro 3:6

In His hands, ^__^