Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Post without pictures

I went to post last night and found something wrong with my picture accessing apparatus.

DS 'the computer genius' who comes to the rescue, was busy and could not help me. Hopefully he can help before the 'big winter eating festivities' (which said festivities are at his house, again, this year), but and if he is cannot, then you will read more than you'll look [maybe you won't read at all] I'll bore you with a ton of pictures in a couple of days or so.

In the meantime I will share my irks, or that which is irksome to me. Actually just a couple.
One of them which comes to mind is the inappropriate use of plurals. i.e., "we are having so and so for dinner" {this one could be acceptable, but you know she does not include her husband in this sentece, because she had to clean, cook, set the table, and make all the preparations}
The so-called Imperial "We" can be used when the person is representing a group, or a company, or a govenment. Such as I heard yesterday in a report about Secretary Rice. In the audio clip she said: "We made some progress in our meeting" She represents the President and the people of the U.S. so it is acceptable; however "we" were not there with her in the meeting.

Another example: [I know this annoys most of those who pay attention] "How are we doing today?" I used to answer with a 'clever' response, but...what's the use. Those using such a push-button-buzz-word-unthinking greeting do not wish to hear an actual answer. Why not say, Hello. Now, that would be quite radical today. A long time ago I decided not to greet anyone with the typical, "Hi, how are you?" but say, "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" etc. You'd think that people would answer likewise, but no! I have heard so many respond: "Fine, thank you" Of course, now I have stopped laughing, and just smile politely. But, it is 'great puzzlement' to me that the vast majority of people pay, absolutly, NO ATTENTION when doing public exchanges.

Yesterday I could not follow a cooking lady in YouTube as she kept using WE instead of I and OUR instead of THIS or THE. "We add OUR such and such, then WE pour OUR this and that. Then WE put it in OUR oven, and WE bake it for this long" OY!

Gotta run, more later

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