Friday, September 19, 2008

Garage sale finds

Several years ago I walked into 'my' needlepoint shop and saw, on the wall behind the cash register, the most eye catching saying that I had seen in a long time. They had the canvas in the shop, but it was too expensive for me. I have been back to the store many times since, and the price has not gone down--in fact it has gone up.
Being the homemade housewife that I am [and having designed many needlepoint canvases before] I thought I could put pen to grid paper and replicate their canvas...well, I have that project, like, 4 millionth on my list of things to do--so it's been not, ever, on my mind--except when I go to the shop.

Yesterday, I stopped at 4 garage sales, 2 had nothing I wanted or needed. One had a bag of remnants of crochet thread for $1.00, and a bag of acrylic like yarn leftovers for .25c I could not pass them up. It is not that I needed the yarn, but it had a skein of crochet cotton that I can use, so I got it. The price was right.

Here they are, all pretty. You can see that most of them do not have too much cotton left. It will be just enough for a lacy edge.

Bag of yarn

The blue ball of yarn had 'something' inside, so I peeked. Under the beautiful blue, some pearl gray, not bad.

This sea green gem is a tightly wound WOOL...socks maybe? What a find!

This is the actual skein that I was after in this bag. Crochet cotton.

The last garage sale--YOU GUESSED IT--had the nice needlepoint saying on the chair next to the lady taking the money. I thought it was her back pillow [the chair was wrought iron] but, I thought, 'it does not hurt to ask'...sure enough it was one of the items that her friend had placed at the sale and she had to call her to find out how much she wanted for it. While the lady was calling her friend, an old elegant lady walked up and seeing the piece {which was made into a pillow} acted interested in it too.

All the while I was about to tell the elegant old lady that I had dibs on it, and she could not, even, look at it...but I displayed my dignity and smiled at the elegant old lady, politely; and with an air of condescension quickly turned to the garage lady.
She said, 'my friend wants $2.00 for it, is it too much?'...I had my hand in my wallet before I could say, 'not at all!' and handed her the $2.00 before she could tell her friend: 'she'll take it'

Good thing I was faster than the elegant old lady, and grabbed 'my' needlepoint piece in a flash!
This is a clever saying to have in such a shop. A shop owner must have come up with the idea.
I don't know where I'll put is not a practical pillow...maybe I'll take it apart and frame it...then the project goes back to the 4 millionth place on the list...until then it will live in the front room somewhere...just decorative...a thing of beauty [I know, that is debatable]
I'll leave you with this:

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..." Ecc 3:11a
In His hands, ^__^


BellaMama said...

Quite witty! I'm surprised you actually had wool in the yarn remnants bag-great find!! (and the cotton too)
I think on the wall in a knitting/sewing room would be cute.
Mrs. C.

Daisy said...

Nice yarn, it'll keep you busy. Glad you got your needlepoint cushion! You must place it where your dh can see it regularly.