Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Muggings--Huh? is it Monday again?! roast.

[I had some babies on Friday...they are a blessing!...and did not pick up the toys with which they played...did not go to the living room until this thought that these blocks would make a good picture...KU colors and all...]

The coffee was good this morning, ok, rabbit some coffee this weekend and was 'hit' again with the changes in the coffee cans.  I buy coffee in the two pound--so called--can, and you may not know this, but when I was a child the coffee can was 3lbs, and then it became a 2lbs can.  All the coffee companies did the same.  I have been a fan of HILLS BROTHERS for some time, ever since the guy on the can was a man in a "1001 Arabian Nights Tales" costume with a demitasse in his hand.  Later on, maybe in the 80s the guy was cut back to a picture of the upper torso, arms and head, albeit still wearing the turban and with demitasse in hand.  More recently, the guy became a "Juan Valdez" look-alike.  I wrote to the company asking why they had adopted those changes and I received no reply.  But, companies will do whatever is necessary to stay competitive and with "9-11" and all, I do not blame them for wanting to come away from their former glorious pictures which may have associated them with Islam.  Perhaps they changed their coffee provenance from Indonesian Sumatran or Java, to all Colombian.  

The last 2  Hills Brothers cans that I bought had a much darker coffee--I do not like the 'burned'/over-roasted/french type of coffee, I much prefer the dark golden color bean which make a full flavour coffee with no bitterness.
So...I decided to change brands and see if their labels displayed 'truth in advertising'...not so much...OK, so I bought a can of  MAXWELL HOUSE which was labeled MILD, and a can of FOLGERS which was, also, labeled MILD...I don't think so!  
I compared the three coffees and they all looked the same [you don't think that they all come from the same vat, do you?] and they tasted the same.  Whaaaaaaat????  They are--all three--equally bitter.  
This ploy will not deter me from finding a dark golden roasted bean, and I say "down with chocolate-chip-looking roasted bean"...
I'm just saying...

But not to leave it just there, and while I'm on the subject...the "NEW" can of Hills Brothers is only two thirds the size it used to be just a few weeks ago--but the same price as before. [at walmart] I WOULD LIKE FOR THEM TO BE HONEST AND RAISE THE PRICE AND LEAVE THE CAN SIZE AS ALWAYS. 

 Now, to needlepoint:  This is a pillow that I designed and stitched [(C) (R)] for our church's nursery [a couple of years ago, and had never taken a picture of it.  Got one now!  It is part of I Corinthians 15:51 and very appropriate for the nursery.  They have treated it well, considering the numbers of babies that have passed through there.
Still busy with the home improvements:  carpeting may be the next thing...or not! Prices, budget, quality, budget, neeeeeed new carpet, budget...

I have nixed the pink and the patterned large gold sample.  I am leaning towards the cream/gold and the light olive green.  Maybe bedrooms in the cream and the dining and family room in green.  Have not decided what color to do the living room. 
 The close up does not do justice to the colors.  The pink is not so 'agressive' and gold is not so light.  The green is yellower.  I tried flash and no flash, but I cannot reproduce the actual color. Oh..well...
 Last but not least...the sunset was glorious...It gave everything a golden glow...I should like to have those colors in a sweater, but with the glow of the sunset, which is not achievable in wool...

 Just a couple of minutes made all the difference, during this scene everything was orange-ish and reddish...
Mr. PeasantHouse took the beautiful!

I'll leave you with this:

"Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:"  Philippians 1:6

In His hands,  ^__^


Cristina said...

Not the Green! The green looks kinda dated:) definitely go with the gold, or cream. I like the patterned gold sample, why don't you?

bunches of yarn said...

Well, it seems like the green is back--big time. The carpet lady said that people are done with brown and beige and are back to some 'color'
Actually all the home decorating stores have all the brown/sand/beige things on huge mark-downs...I would not have brown stuff if it were free.
The patterned carpet was a short loop, don't like loops. Actually 'shag' is everywhere...had shag, not having it again...ugh! ^__^

chrisCgirl said...

I like the "gold" pattern too...I'll have to come for an up-close viewing! That one looks like it would wear well and look nice with the draperies too. What a fun decision to make!