Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's beggining to melt before it snows

That dot is a picture that I already posted and did not know how to delete. Now, stop laughing and leave me a comment.

We took some pictures, and thought you might want to see the beauty that the Lord used to decorate our trees. The 'night' pictures DH took in the morning before he left for work. Those gourd we grew in our garden and DH drilled holes on the side for wren houses, but the wrens have not found them yet.

While I was looking at the Pussy Willow in our back yard and seeing the icicles formed along all the branches--every inch or so there was an icicle--I reflected on the wisdom of God. If all the water would dribble down to the end of the branch, instead, it would form a massive icicle at the end of every branch which would be too heavy for the branch to bear. All the branches would break and there would be no more trees. But God in His wisdom, makes the water form these short, evenly distributed icicles; which, bear the load equally along the branch. I saw this phenomenon on all the trees, except for the evergreen, which, by nature are sappier than deciduous trees, and are able to bear the load of all-over ice in a magnificent way. The evergreens do droop all the way to the ground, but are quite resilient.

In this picture I caught some geese. The are about the middle of the picture, above the space between the two cars, and by the chem trail by the tree tops.

I wish you could see the hundreds of 3" icicles that have impaled themselves on the ice covered ground. They glisten in the sunshine. (sun is shining for the first time in 9 days)Also noticed, that since the ice 'storm' there has not been any wind. Again, the wise goodness of God. If there had been wind, the very tall trees would have come crashing down on houses, out buildings, cars, and people. But, no wind. This fact is truly amazing!

This one is my favorite looking very much like a 'Charlie Rose' shot. The birds were at the feeders a few minutes after DH took this one.

So, the weather guy said it should reach 39F this afternoon. We are planning to go the the membership warehouse grocery store after dinner. We are 'out of everything' [you know that is an affluent society exaggeration.] We need some basics, and MILK, and could survive the rest of winter with the canned and boxed stuff, plus all the 'soup bones' in the freezer.

I did not go to get my goat milk today, for the third week in a row. I would not make a good mailman. DH can manage walking or gliding on the ice, but not I. When I was in 10th grade my friends took me ice skating. Having not, ever, ice skated before, I fell many times while the other girls glided over the ice like a graceful ballet troupe. There I was, bruised and ache-y. They were kind and helped me up many, many times. The following week I could not go, and the week after that I was reticent, and embarrassed. Thus, ended my ice skating ventures. Now I know that I should have gone that second time with a get-back-on-the-horse type of attitude, but...oh, well! I also do not roller skate. DH does. I am such an all-around peasant! I walk on the ice in my bare feet, which melts the ice, just enough to give me the traction I need. I should get a pair of golfing shoes, maybe the cleats would give me traction.

I'll leave you with this:
"Out of whose womb came the ice? and the hoary frost of heaven, who hath gendered it? "Job 38:29

In His hands, ^__^


BellaMama said...

Great post with lovely pics! I love the ice skating story!! I think everyone would have a heartattack if I went out (our conditions are about the same as yours & I see the little ones falling outside) :)
That dot pic shows if you click on it.
I just finished making my "Pumpkin Pie Cake Muffin Bread" (yup, I think that's gonna be the name!) and adding the walnuts gave it that ju nu se qua -if you'll excuse my grammatically written french!LOL
*sorry, I can't stop laughing*
Have a good day!!

SchnauzerMom said...

Beautiful photos! All our ice is gone but this morning we had a fog which left some ice around but it's gone now too. We didn't have wind either which I am grateful for.