Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Playing with pictures

I'll get it yet! That is in the imperative form, mind you.

This is a new challenge--learning how to put pictures in the text, that is. I'm such a point-and-click-er, that reading how to do something, is beneath me. Well...I'll have to read stuff so I can do this right, otherwise...it's academic. (What does that mean? really. I know how people use it, but what did it mean when it was first said with the intent it has today...academic, hmm)

Oh, by the way, I go on rabbit trails a lot--a lot.

Ok, let's see if the picture is here or floating about, somewhere else.

Well, they are somewhere else. I'll have to enlist some help from the techy parts of the family.

Hey, where did my other post go???? I know that the blogs I read have them all--at least several--on one page. Allrighty then. Back to the drawing board, well, you know what I mean.

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