Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Here is some bread, woohoo I got it

I have a 'techy' member of the family in my ear and this works when you do it right!
Thank you techy #1
I'll fix it further tomorrow, Lord willing.
In His hands, ^__^


BellaMama said...

Gorgeous Bread!! Don't tell me it's the secret ingredients that make it rise so huge!
Congrats on the pics!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the bread looks like it is on steroids! Sam's Club does have a pharmacy nearby. . .perhaps. . .nah. I finally got your website with pictures and all. I have BSafe protection and I just got your pictures today. Before, I was wondering why your title was so far away from the text and today - a picture of the fields of Kansas. Thus a picture is worth more than just a thousand words!