Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

The loaves, unintentional split. 4" pecan pies--don't have enough 9"pans

This is the day Mr. Washington assigned as a day to give thanks to God, oh so many years ago.
We are going to #2's for dinner at dinner time. #4 will be there with his family also, and some friends from church whose families are several states away. They will be there with two of their children. It will so nice.
#1 and #3 live several states away and will be having their Thanksgiving meals with their in-laws. #5 will be eating the turkey with his in-laws (their turn this year) and may stop by on their way home.
Ok, here are the pictures. Knitting is gs2's and then all the food...well the pies and the whole wheat bread. I have potatoes boiling for mashed potatoes, and bread rising for potato dinner rolls.
May not get back to the computer until tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving again to all of you.

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