Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crocheted hot pad and more garage sale finds

I got my hair highlighted today--DH loves it!

So I crocheted this hot pad/pot holder for my 'hair lady'. She is really sweet.
I had just learned this 'bullion' crochet stitch and wanted to practice it. It is a fun stitch to make. It was going to be a circle, but ended up being...a...whatever-you-call-it shape. My 'hair lady' was very pleased with it since she recently redid her kitchen to all-white.

The hanging loop is made of Romanian Cord--thanks for the applause.
Next, is the beady garage sale find.
Several bags of patriotic beads, and many tubes of more beads. Plus a Strong's Dictionary (not the concordance) brand new, never used [they got it as a gift, and were not interested in it] all for $10.00--If I'd had to buy them at the store: the book is $19.99, the tubes of beads are about $2.00 each. And the bagged beads about $5.00...all in all, about $60.00. I never figure retail prices of stuff from garage sales, but these were all brand new/never used/never opened.

Loooooove red, white and blue.

I found this stiffened, crocheted bowl at another sale, with more odd balls of yarn--all synthetic, good for something I have not thought of yet.

It holds all the beads until I find a more permanent place for them.

Now THE FIND of the month. (with the long re-enactment)
Mrs. #5 called me to alert me about a garage sale in their neighbourhood. I went right away and found some canning jars, yarn, zippers (no picture of those) and...
this beauty...
I saw it, when I was there, but did not think I needed to get it since I have an electric mill that I use all the time.
While driving away I thought that Mrs. #2 would like to have it since she is always experimenting with different grains (her mill does not have a size dial)
I was sharing this information with Mrs. #5, later when I saw her.
When #5 and Mrs. #5 came by later: #5 had the hand mill in his hand (she had told him). He had gone to the garage sale, and found a bunch of 'guy stuff' i.e., tools, iron pipes, sheet metal, what...ever guys like. He did not tell me if he paid the full price or not. But it was a huge blessing that they got it for 'me' (meaning our family...whoever needs it)
It is a French-made Samap brand (Mouline Cereal Manuel--Hand Grain Mill)
After taking it apart and thoroughly scrubbing and washing, it looked very nice.

It clamps on a table or counter

Then you pour the 'most wonderfullest' wheat...and crank away...

And crank...and on, and on...
It took about 7 minutes to mill one cup of flour. Since it did not come with instructions, I had to wing it. Got very coarse cracked wheat, until I figured that the top beige 'bolt' is the regulator.

The flour is just as fine as my electric mill (Magic Mill Plus III) or any store-bought WW flour.
I'm thinking I'll make some white bread--oh no!--and add this to it. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Here is a new one, if you want to see.
I'll leave you with this:

"The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it." Pro 10:22
In His hands, ^__^


BellaMama said...

That is so cool. I've never seen a manual grinder! It seems so ancient, simplistic and effective.

Blessed to hear of your blessings!

MO said...

Do you still have your quern stone mill? Do you wish to sell it? Thanks

bunches of yarn said...

Hi MO, not going to sell the mill.
Do you mill your wheat? or are you planning to start? ^__^