Friday, August 20, 2010

Bread and Pizza Tutorial in pictures--lots--and recipes

But, first the finished dollie for the 'pink girlie's b'day'
It made everybody's that kind of doll! The 'pink girlie' loooved it.
Even though she has 'real' dollies, this one is for holding in the hand. (I had to draw a face with Daddy's Sharpie...she insisted.)
I was working on this triangular shawl for an elder's wife at church, and dropped a stitch for several rows to straighten a loopy while I waited for the dough to rise, I knitted.

First: Mill the best wheat on earth--no exaggeration.
8 cups of wheat (after milling it's 12 cups of flour)

Place 5 cups of warm water {in your Bosch}
3T powdered yeast
1/2 c honey
1/2 c soft or melted butter
1T salt
1c sour dough starter from 2 days ago.
2 heaping Tablespoons of wheat glutten.
Stir for several seconds
Allow to rest for 20 minutes

Add the flour and mix until the dough is formed, and it is tacky not sticky.
Remove from the bowl, knead on the counter for about a minute.
Place the dough in a large bowl to rise until double...

Cover the bowl with a plate or platter, or serving tray...whatever you have that will cover the bowl, but not tightly.
I use my Oneida platter--it is 24 inches wide.


My dough trippled in size, sometimes it overflows making the platter rise 3 inches or so.

Place the dough on the counter and separate into the desired number of loaves or buns.
I mostly make 4 loaves--2 lbs each...sometimes I make rolls, sometimes buns.

The bread pans are sprayed with a cooking spray--I use Pam.

Loaves resting and rising for 29 minutes. This amount of time is perfect so that you do not get the 'handle' on the top of the slices after baking. (That is, the bubble on the top of the loaf)

Loaves ready to go into the 350F oven.

Fully baked for 30 minutes. Doubled in size. The line you see is the loaf pan's edge mark.
I love my bread...
I had to use the rest of the sour dough starter. ( The weather guy said it was going to be back in the 90s for a week again, so I was not going to be baking until the temps go below 80.)
I decided to make pizza, with my secret sauce.
But I had a little bit of dough left so I made a pretzel-wanna-be.


Next: The Pizza
Make the dough, let it rise until double, separate into portions--this time I made 2...let them rise, covered until the dough could be 'poured out'-- which is a very bubbly, elastic soft dough [approximately 25 minutes]

poke the bubbles with fingertips

cover with Secret Sauce (recipe): In a blender place, the juice of 1 can of diced tomatoes
2T European Oregano
1T red pepper flakes
1 can of drained anchovies
1 medium jar of pimentos
1T dry parsley--may use the equivalent in fresh parsley
6 garlic cloves--may use equivalent in dry garlic
1 medium onion coarsely cut--may use equivalent in dry onions
The rest of the diced tomatoes from the can.
Blend well until creamy, pour into a bowl and add 1/2 c of extra virgin olive oil, mix with a spoon.
(if you add the oil to the blender, you will have pink sauce)
Ladle sauce to the dough in your preferred amount.

Add meat or veggy toppings...this one is pepperoni.

Cover with your preferred amount of cheese...mozzarella only or a blend of cheeses of your choice. This one is mozzarella only.
Bake in HOT oven...450F or 500F for approx 7 or 8 minutes. This method will give you a quick melting and goldening of the cheese and a crispy crust...which is what we like, while all the fresh ingredients, i.e., garlic and onions retain all their nutritional potency.

This one is hamburger topping.
I always place the cheese on the toppings because I DO NOT like the burnt meats and veggies. Some people do.
We ate a couple of pieces and I froze the rest for Sunday's church meal.
Phew! That was fun! and it was DELICIOUS also.
If you use my SECRET recipes let me know how you like it, and send me pictures.
NOTE: If you do not tell anyone that there are anchovies in the sauce, no one will know. [some of my people think that they can taste it, but NOT! Once they know...they can taste don't tell]
I'll leave you with this:

"He maketh peace in thy borders, and filleth thee with the finest of the wheat." Psalms 147:14
In His hands, ^__^

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