Monday, December 7, 2015

Preserving fresh lemon juice

Hello girls,

After buying a bag of lemons last week, it was time to squeeze the juice and preserve it.
My method is relatively quick and very simple.

You'll need:  Lemons
                      an old fashion lemon juicer
                     an ice cube tray or two
                     zip lunch bags
                     a measuring cup.
                     a fine mesh strainer

I wash the lemons with soapy water  

Now squeeze the juice using the lemon juicer


Strain the juice to remove the pulp 

 Discard or reuse the lemon 'shells' these went into the compost bin

3lbs. of lemons (minus 2 lemons used for something else) yielded 2 cups or 16oz of pure juice. 

 pour into ice cube trays.  These trays hold 2 tbs. each.  I had a total of 24 lemon cubes, which I think is a great yield. 

 The lemon cubes have lasted me as long as 2 years in the freezer and still retained all their lemony goodness and sourness. 

To use, I remove a cube from the zip lunch bag and place it in a cup for later use when it thaws.  If you are in a gigantic hurry, place the cube in a glass measuring cup and in a small pot of hot water.   I do not recommend using a microwave as it messes with the enzymes and renders the lemon juice harder to digest.  You may research microwave yuckiness on line, you shall be amazed which may prompt you to be rid of the convenient 'appliance.'

I used my new camera for these pictures, but am not savvy yet. 

On a knitty issue, I've been buying several knitting books from amazon--great values--many of them I got for one penney--.01c of a dollar.  I can afford good books that way.  I'll show you when they get here. 

I'll leave you with this:

"Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister; and call understanding thy kinswoman..." Proverbs  7:4

In His hands,   ^__^

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