Tuesday, December 29, 2015

knitting and knitting

Hello Girlies;
I must be in knitting mode, I've made several of those Sashay scarves.  Here they are completed
for some of the girls.  Two of the violet/orchid/lavender

One sparkly gold, and a red one...forgot to take picture...sorry, it is very sparkly and a deep red.
This is the crew neck gansey for #4.  It is Paton's Moss color, Classic Wool, worsted weight

This picture shows the color, almost true.

In this picture, taken with the flash, the color is washed out.

I really like the sleeve seam which shows off the increase.

I used the super stretchy bind off by Tillybuddy (Stretchy swing needle bind off)  it stretches to approximately 95% of the neck band and bounces back. Awesome! Check out her video!

Then, I knitted this camo hat/cap with Paton's Classic Wool, worsted, but it did the 'camo' thing only in the ribbing, when I got to the cap part it began to stripe, which I did not like.

So I took it apart and reknitted it a couple of times, trying different stitches, it striped regardless of the stitch.

Then I knitted a couple of these.  The yarn is Cascade Alpaca and Cotton.  It is very, very soft, but horrible to knit!  It has no stretch, no give...but the recipients, loved them

That's all today, back to knitting...mwahaha...
I am working on granny squares for a blanket.  I'm using Cascade fingering, and I soooo looove that wool, it is very silky, I could just switch to Cascade fingering for the rest of all time, but I have like 40 lbs. of wool to process.  I washed and dyed a little bit of it to see how it works, oh, so lovely...
Carding it was so nice, sorry for repeating myself, but wool is awesome.

my Ashford Elizabeth was so happy--I could tell.
I shall show you more at it happens, today is great for all this wool work, we got about 3" of snow and it will be in the 20sF for a while, I think that winter is here, YAY!
I'll leave you with this,  
"And ye my flock, the flock of my pasture, are men, and I am your God, saith the Lord GOD." Ezekiel 34:31 
In His hands,  ^__^


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