Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finished sweater and scarf

It's been so long that I almost forgot my password...not really, but...

Ok, here I am, and always hoping to be back often. I find that I have lots more to do than I like to place here for the 'whole world' to see, i.e., cleaning house, doing chores, going shopping (arrrgh!) mending, and all those mundane things.
I would like to show you splendid accomplishments [and I will when I do them], share wise things that I have read or heard, but...there isn't enough time. Some of 'my' bloggers seem to have all of the above right at my fingertips...maybe they do nothing else...sigh! [and another deep sigggghhhh!]
Now, I'm sharing SOME of my recent accomplishment, albeit, not quite so splendid.

Beautiful scarf for Mrs. #2, she did love it, and wears it. [I ran into her at the grocery store...not an usual occurrence...and she was wearing it!]

Also, 2c's pink sweater...2c loooooved it...she is such a pink girlie girl.

Next I have a {maybe minor} horror story. I found the garter stitch EZ blanket pattern in my Winter 94-95 Vogue Knitting. p.24

I must insert here that I started looking for the pattern through all my magazines. [I knew I had it somewhere.] When I saw it in here I like her blog, especially her fish afghan. But this 'puzzle' caught my eye, and I proceeded to retrieve my copy.

Now, looking at the picture all I saw was two pieces fitting together, right? So, since I like to knit 'odd' shapes, i.e., Cat Bordhi's things, I proceeded to find the right yarn, for the right this case 3g. No was so nice to knit all garter stitch, it just went so smoothly...and soon, I was finished knitting. Found the magazine again to see the assembly lay-out and to my HORROR...a swastika formed in the middle...a SWASTIKA!!! and from EZ, no way, NO WAY!!

But, there it is...sigh...[with a major GRUNT in the middle]

All that saw it said it may go away when I sew it together--which, I have not been able to complete...still in sort-of knitter's shock. Did anybody else see this before? I have not asked 'knit, knit, frog' if she saw it when she sewed hers. I would like to get some feedback from you ALL.

It could be that nobody else has a problem with the swastika, BUT I DO. So, my dilemma is whether to complete this blanket, or take it apart and knit something sweet for sweet baby 3g.
I'll leave you with this:

"Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh." Proverbs 3:25
In His hands, ^__^

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BellaMama said...

What a beautiful blanket! :) I've seen this blanket by many, many people on ravelry and wanted to make it. I never noticed the swastika before-maybe when together and ironed those seems are blended and don't show as much since you didn't use contrasting yarns.
I just love, love, love (ok, like alot) all your knitting...makes me want to unpack my knitting, sit by the fireplace with a cup of tea with some classical music in the background while the children play quietly and nicely! Ok, not a real thought-don't have a fireplace! :)!
Blessings always!