Friday, February 5, 2010

Show and Tell time...

Here we go again!...this time, and so far 5 1/2 inches of is beautiful, but you probably have the same amount or more, or are about to get it...will not bore you with more snow pictures.
I have not been idle: knitted this "practice" baby blanket from Dianaknits for a dolly. It went pretty well--once I got going. There is absolutely no sewing per se, but I will have to 'tuck the tails' It's a very soft cone yarn, but becomes's a 'practice' blanket...remember.

Here we have, yet another mobius. They are so fun to knit...sort of brainless knitting...really like it.

the color is peaches and cream, kind-of.

This pink sweater (for 2c) is hugging my Cat Bordhi sock book. The sweater it on its way to the blocking table...ready soon.

The peacock lace scarf (on its way to the blocking table, also) is for Mrs. #2. I hope she likes it.

And now...drum roll...the socks: applause, applause, applause...thank you...soooo are so kind...Although they may not look like it, they ARE a pair. My friend is the only one who will have these. Cat Bordhi, again. From the above pictured book...and so much fun to make. Thank you Cat.

Very flat, and intrigueing.

Toe, cool!

Heel, snazzy...yep, I did not follow the pattern here...tried this, I like hers better, but oh well.

No open spaces, just like she said.

One more flat view.

I added a little calf increase.

Pic taken with flash. The real-life colors are those in the above pics.

Sorry to have been gone so long. Which brings me to the question: Would you like to see posts more often, with less pictures? Give me your imput.
I'll leave you with this:

"But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." 2Ti 3:13
In His hands, ^__^


chriscgirl said...

Thanks so much for all the is so fun to see your handiwork! I like it when you have frequent entries, but the pictures are always a blessing and interesting.So... I'm no help making a decision :)


Jules said...

I love the scarf! It's so pretty and feminine. And what is a "mobius"?

I bought some pretty yarn to knit for my granddaughers but have no idea what I'm going to make. I only bought one ball of two different colours as it was not exactly cheap thinking I could make a scarf, but youngest granddaugher is probably too young for a scarf. So I guess it's back to the drawing board for me.

bunches of yarn said...

hi Jules:

The mobius cowl that I knit is a 'half twist' circular scarf. I found it a couple of years ago here Cat Bordhi's page. It is fun and easy. ^__^

BellaMama said...

The scarf is just gorgeous!! I hope Mrs. #2 likes it! ;)
I like looking at pictures but they must have's like a story!
I like your socks, too. Those colors are really nice.
I think the practice baby blanket will look better after blocking-at least, that's what I've noticed of other's who've knitted it.
Have a lovely February!!