Friday, July 18, 2008

Still here, all's well

Hello everybody!

Just busy, busy, busy! Like the rest of you. Summer busy is much busier (sp?) than Winter busy.

Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday--so it's July 18th, right?--they were putting out the Christmas stuff. They had the Fall stuff ON SALE, wow, we are not even one month into Summer.

Whatever their marketing strategy, it must be working or they would not do it.
I rarely go to Hobby Lobby (although I really like that store) because I don't want to buy things I do not need. I know I would be tempted. Anyway, I was looking for one of those embroidery scissors with the hooked tip on one of the blades, to remove mistakes in needlepoint. I used to have one, but I cannot find it--anywhere. I must have given it to somebody. Whatever...they did not have those scissors. Jo-Ann does not carry them either. I'll have to go to the needlepoint shop--Oh, no! (mwaha, ha)

I am such a "home body"...I love to be home and do things at, laundry, ironing, cooking, sewing, all needlework, etc. etc...which brings me to the topic of BRUSHES. Cleaning brushes.

There are many websites that teach/demonstrate, suggests methods of cleaning, and, as you well know, there is no *right and wrong* method. You can be as efficient as you like to be, and employ any method that suits your household management.

I will show you some of the cleaning brushes at Peasant House.

These are the kitchen--around the sink--brushes.
I use the wooden brush the least--for vegetables mostly. It has natural vegetable bristles and it is very soft when it's wet.
The little yellow toothbrush is my youngest child's 'baby' toothbrush, before he graduated to 'grown-up' size. It works great for hard to reach areas behind the faucet, and for when I clean the faucet itself, actually, when I take the aerator apart and remove all the calcium deposits.
The big yellow brush is my favorite for cleaning the garbage disposal. I can really clean the removable rubbery ring, and also the inside--without fear of injury--the blades are not sharp, but they are 'nasty' and I would rather use the brush, and not my hand.

The shape of the brush makes it very convenient. The scoopy/scraper at the front is also helpful for cleaning the counter after making bread.
[Please note that I use Hydrogen Peroxide after washing the brush with very hot water and soap or detergent] H2O2 is the *BEST* bactericide, fungicide, germicide, and cootycide. {some of those words are made-up, but you get the idea}

H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide has been tested in Universities against husehold cleaners, and has surpassed ALL other retail household cleaners, which take about 20 minutes to work, if allow to remain wet. H2O2 takes THREE SECONDS--I REPEAT--THREE SECONDS to kill all household yukkies. But more on H2O2 in an upcoming post.

These are the bathroom brushes, which Mrs. #2 taught me to keep in a little container, all together in one place--she's extremely organized, bless the Lord O, my soul.

So here you see a commonly available plastic basket with a crack on one side. This is a good way to remember which side is which--of course, you could mark it with a permanent marker; but, this basket was cracked already. So, be sure to keep separated and each on its side.
You should have one set of sponges for the sink and other surfaces, and another for the toilet and surrounding floor. (ahem!)
Currently, I have designated the pink sponge for the sink, counter and shelves, and the blue for the toilet.

The brush marked *Floor* works very well around the toilet. The orange brush is for other counter surfaces and grout.
The two sided yellow and green scrubby 3M sponges are for the shower soap 'scum'. It maintains the tile and glass in the shower, very clean without chemicals, and without scratching the surfaces.
These used to be employed in the kitchen, and have 'retired' to the bathroom.
I use the old toothbrushes around faucets, and drains, and stuck-on greasy stains. (What to do, when DH is changing the oil in the car, the chain of the bike, and other very greasy jobs?)

This is a different view of the used-to-be nail brushes.

You could get these brushes, or some like these, at the grocery store, or at the hardware store. I am very fond of the ACE hardware stores. They have all those things that Wal-Mart and Target do not carry anymore or never had. Our ACE hardware store even carries Mrs. Meyers cleaning soaps--love them!
Well, that's all for today.
I'll leave you with this:

"All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits." Pro 16:2
In His hands, ^__^

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Bayith said...

I really did smile when I saw your big yellow brush...I cant believe you still have it. *giggles*

keep up the 'clean' work :)