Friday, February 15, 2008

Got some pictures of my linker

This is not my linker. It is my hutch in the kitchen. My camera is full and DH will have to empty it.
The camera stopped and I could not take another picture of the linker, since it yelled at me that it was full. I'll have to continue later.

Here is my "ERIKA" linker made in Italy 900 years ago--well, not quite!

Had to dig to find it, and afterwards I had to find the foot--like a sewing machine foot--it took me 3 hours to find it, was in the basement in a little plastic tub of soap pieces (I save stuff) the size of a silver dollar. I use those to put in my "whites load" it works great to have soap to whiten whites. You know, nobody likes the little bitty piece of soap. I cannot throw them away, so I use them for laundry.
Ok, back to the 'foot':...there it was, where it had been for years. Some of you may remember it.
I'm hoping to have 1e's sweater be the first one--this century--to be sewn on the linker.
I will be forever grateful to Susan for helping me take the 'hate' out of my linker. I really enjoy her videos. She explains things very clearly and the close-ups (sp?) are great. [I'm envious that my camera doesn't take close-ups]
I'll leave you with this:

"God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early. " Psa 46:5
In His hands, ^__^


Anonymous said...

very interesting. what is a linker?

Daisy said...

Your kitchen is inviting... the picture says good cookin takes place here and it looks warm and welcoming.

I have not heard of a link before.

katy said...

Hi, Oh boy I hope you can help me. I also have an Erika electric Linker. I went to Susan's blog but didn't see any video's or instructions about it.
Please email me if you can I'm totally lost with this thing.
Thank you,

eva said...

I finally found the Erika Linker. I too bought mine in Italy and it is a wonderful machine. At the time the distributer told me they could no longer sell it (beause they brought out their own, cheaper version). It serves to sew on the neckbands mainly.You put the bottom of the nekband on the hooks wrong side facing into the open stitches, add the body, and fold the band over again into open stitches. You need to have waste yarn at the beginning and the end of the neckband. of course you can also sew up the sleeves and side seams in one go and it saves a lot of time. I do know the distributor, but not the actual manufacterer. I hope they were not forced out of busines,beause this machine is wonderful

Anonymous said...

the Erikalinker is a marvellous machine - it mainly serves to sew on neckbands can also sew up side seams and sleeves. start and finish neckbands with waste yarns with the wrong side facing, hook the bottom of the neckband onto the hooks into the open stitch - stitch by stitch - put the body garment neckline over it-then fold the neckband over and hook - again stitch by stitch over the hook - it takes a little pracis but you will soon be able

Anonymous said...

I also have an Erika linker, I am completely lost on threading it and using it. The Manuel's came with but there is nothing on threading, the photos are poor and not helping. Any help would be so appreciated. Sharron