Monday, July 27, 2009

Wow!, I found it, I found it!...I tot I toh, a putty-tat.

Been looking for this book for a couple of years. The book was just as elusive as Sylvester's appearances near Tweety.

It is the Decorative Needlepoint book by Julia Hickman. Well, I remember having checked out of our library a zillion times, and then...actually, I saw this picture in Sunshine's Creations in 2006, and I remembered that I loved the pattern. I found out that the library had discarded the book for lack of 'checking it out'...if I had know, I would have checked it out tons of times more...oh, well! I had been looking for it, since. (I'm giving you Sunshine's link--although I would like to post her picture, but I don't have her permission to post it, maybe I should ask her.)

Needless to say, I could not remember the name of the book, just the picture engraved in my mind of the multicoloured exquisite pattern. As much as I tried I could not find it by googling...maybe one day they'll have googling by description...or sketch...but, here it is!

Went to Half Price Books, last week and saw it there! I was so glad. DH said: "Get it!" so I did.

Two pictures from the book.

I know that some of you do not like busy, busy patterns as this one, but there may be some of you who would. Enjoy the close-up. I was surprised that it came out so well.

Another book:

Found this one in my home library, and decided to read it. I had gotten it several years ago, but never read it. Two chapters into it and I'm, already, squirming about bad grammar applications. Isaac Watts was a prolific writer, and not only of hymns. If you come across this book at your library, check it out. In my opinion, we all need to know "how" to think logically. Since 'they have stopped teaching it in schools, it is up to us SAHMs to do it.

Back to needlepoint:
Finished this piece--I think chickens are cute--many years ago, and it still hangs there, on its stretcher board. It was supposed to be a pillow...maybe it will be, one the far future. I particularly like the band on which the basket sits...sort of Kaffe Fassett-esque.

This is "shark's tooth" technique, that I did a while ago. I have a video of Martha Pullen's where she shows this patterns. In my opinion, it is too time consuming for the results. Looks very nice on collars, or bodices of dresses or blouses.

and just 'for the pretty, and homey look' this in my friend's back door. The inside of the house matches the door. So inviting...a cup of ice cold lemonade, and a slice of lemon pie, and you're set!

I'll leave you with this:

"Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD." Psa 27:14

In His hands, ^__^


sunshine said...

I am glad you found the book that is the one I used.Have fun making it are you doing needle point or cross stitch mine was a little bit of both the paisleys are cross stitch and I filled in with a needle point stitch the background.

bayith said...

wow! wow! I just checked out the same needlepoint book from the library! that's so cool. I had 10 ladies over for a time of fellowship and was great! I checked out many books about many handcrafts: from embroidery, needlepoint, & quilts to home decor...we had tea & cookies...I was blessed