Monday, September 28, 2009

Good morning, Girlies!

Started to download pictures and camera ran out of 'juice'...hold on while it recharges...

If I were to say 'I've been busy' it would not be so very accurate. I've been BUSY, and the resulting 'stress' caused to be 'under the weather' ...but now I'm on my way back to being my regular, impossible-to-get-a-word-in, self. So...there. All's well, getting busy again.

Here is a summary:

Helped my Mom pack/re-pack/un-pack/re-pack for her trip with her friends. She'll be gone until the middle of October. (She is having a great time, thank you, Lord)

Finished/completed the alterations for Mrs.#4's dress and jacket, for her sister's wedding. Mrs.#4 was the Maid-of-Honour. She looked beautiful, and the baby-girl-4b, said she was the most beautiful one in the whole wedding (in my opinion, she probably was, but...don't ask me)

"Almost finished" (three seams to go, and pressing) working on Mrs. #5's Mom's courtain/valances. The color that came out violet is actually more wine/berry color. They are 65" wide, and about 25" long...Mrs. #5 picked the fabric. She is a good colorist.

While resting to recover from being 'under the weather' I read several books...actually finished a couple and started three more...and...I always have those books, that take me forever, to read, they usuall average 4. [they are either booooring, or more boring, but I like to read]

The Genesis Factor reveals the Hand of God in the Hebrew Text, very cool!

Showtime For The Sheep is very booooring. I did not see the movie, I will not! see such Romish trash, it deceives the untaught, but T.A. McMahon gives his opinion--he can have it.

Hazardous Materials--Wow-o-wow. This one will blow you out of the water!

Getting close to completing the making of that 'mile-a-minute' (not really) baby blue afghan for a customer. What I appreciate about this 'mile-a-minute' method is that it can be done in hot weather. Once it is put together, then it becomes a 'blanket' which would be too hot to work with in 90F--even with the AC on.

And working on a snowman vey slowly.

Planning more interesting meals for the cooler weather. It seems that summer does not inspire me to make delicious meals, and since Fall is here...better stuff is coming.

I'll leave you with this:

"The prince that wanteth understanding is also a great oppressor: but he that hateth covetousness shall prolong his days." Pro 28:16

In His hands, ^__^

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