Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Candy's blog is gone

Candy of keeping the home has closed her blog, and moved on to homesteading. Godspeed, Candy!

She had tons of recipes, how to make Kombucha, how to make Buttermilk, how to make sourdough bread, and many, many more interesting things. She was interested in so many diverse things, that it was a blessing to read her blog. Well, maybe she'll be back, when she has settled in her new homestead.
I am sorry that I did not copy the recipes of many of the things she offered. But, if there was one thing I could pick, it would be her homekeeping binder. It helped me organize what I had in may head, and put it in paper. Now, she was not the only organization blogger, but her method was the most efficient for me. I am very grateful for that.

Boy! she had tons of links, that are now gone...I'll probably stumble upon many of them. I don't want to sound pathetic, sorry if I do.

Speaking of making things. I've tried, again, making yogurt. Went to many YouTubes, they all say very similar things. I made one batch with the crock pot method. I burned it. But, I made two cakes using the burnt yogurt as the liquid. Very yummy. I froze the rest in three one-cup-portions, to use later. DH has 'snack day' this Friday (I've told you before, their snack days are like the ancient Roman Banquets) so he will be taking one of them to the feast. It awaits in the freezer.

I am 'cooking' some water in the crock pot so I can take its temperature, and see how hot the "keep warm" setting gets. Right now, after 3 hours, it is 130F It could be that raw goat's milk burns at that temperature. I will try organic cow's milk next. Apparently, I had my temperature too low before--all the other times I made yogurt. Since we keep our home cool (around 62F) I needed something to keep the yogurt warmer. I will keep you informed, and share my successful recipe when I discover it.

Not much more happening, all things are going well, God is still God, He still loves us and provides for us--all of our needs.

So, if someone tells you there is doom on the horizon, remember only God can see the hearts of men, and what they plan to do. And, only God can enable them to carry the plans through, and only God can and will frustrate the plans of the enemy.
Then, girls, be of good cheer, be of good courage.

I'll leave you with this:

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

In His hands, ^__^


BellaMama said...

130 degrees!! Yogurt is suppose to be warm between 108-112...less it doesn't do it's thing, more, it obviously burns or at best just is runny!
We put our yogurt in glass jars inside a water filled huge pan and our thermometer in the water. We try to keep the water around those temperatures...we let it rest for 4-6 hrs and have wonderful yogurt that even starts to separate, which I'm told is because it set too long. Then it goes in the refrig. We just use about 3 TBSP of Dannon plain yogurt as starter per 1/2 gallon.

I'm sorry about Candy's blog. Hope she does come back to show what she does homesteading!

Good to see you! Do love seeing the food you make and your knitting/sewings!!

Jules said...

The few times I made yoghurt I didn't have any problems but then I used to wrap the container in a towel and place next to our fire or in the hot water cupboard. I've never heard of doing it in a crock pot.

Thanks for your most recent comment on my blog. Vit B deficiency is a possibility since I eat only small amounts of red meat and very little bread (wholemeal or otherwise). I might just have to make a loaf of the family's favourite fruity oat bread with wholemeal flour! Mmm, my mouth's watering already!

Daisy said...

Just stopping in to wave "hello"!

Sounds like your going to be missing a good blog!!

Kim said...

Sigh. I was going to blog about the same thing today. I understand her need to be done with her blog for now but man I feel so selfish and sad that all her links are gone. I had SO many things I would have copied off, etc. had I had any warning. Such a great resource gone.