Monday, August 11, 2008

This one, we gotta call in...

I am still grinning...

DH and I went for a drive after dinner since it was so nice and coolish--low 80s and dry.

I, as a good wife, (when he drives) do not make comments on his driving: i.e., "you're too close" or things of that nature. I've learned (figuratively, kicking and screaming)--to hold my tongue; however, (you knew there would be a 'however' coming) I, ever so slightly, brake with my feet when it seems to me that he is too close to another car. It is an *involuntary* action, sometimes done with both feet, as if the extra traction would do any good. I am certain that all of you have done this at one time or another--no need to raise your hand.
Ok, so, tonight we are driving behind an out-of-towner who is going way below the speed limit and also hitting the brakes waaaaayyy too much. (One would wonder if they had something illegal on board, but I digress.) We were third, at the red light, and as it the light turned green, the first car started and DH took his foot off the brake, but the 'suspect' ahead of us did not move, his brake light still on, so...I, instinticly pushed *both* my imaginary brakes at once. The 'suspect' ahead of us finally 'came to' and started moving.
All was well and I relaxed again and admired the very green lawns--it has rained much and every lawn is green.
Right then, DH began to hum the Twilight Zone tune, and then said in a deep and ominous voice: "You have lost control of the car, Mwaha, I have control of the car now"
I laughed and laughed, even still laughing as I type this. Needless to say, I have chuckled the entire evening.
I hope all of you laugh at trivial and silly things...and make your DH husband laugh also.

I'll leave you with this:

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." Pro 17:22

In His hands, ^__^


Jules said...

Well I'll admit it: I often 'brake' too when DH is driving. I rarely drive if he's in the car as he doesn't have a lot of faith in my driving skills. He trusts me to drive his sons and precious granddaughter around but he prefers not to put his own life into my hands! LOL. Obviously you've not been fooling your husband!

SchnauzerMom said...

I do that too. My DH used to get offended, but I think I've convinced him that it's just a natural reaction and not that I don't trust him.