Monday, June 30, 2008

Nails in the bread dough

Could I be any more...careless...twice!

This morning I started my bread making routine. Got the mill out, got the wheat in the measuring cup, and milled the wheat.
Then, I use a 2" pastry brush to brush to get all the flour from the bottom of the mill...I noticed one of the nails missing from the brush...(about three years ago, I lost a brush nail in the dough and did not notice it until Mrs. #2 found it during dinner!--and thank the Lord she just found it, and no mishaps)...At the time I had glued the nail and pounded it back into place...that was 3 years of washings there it went--the nail--into the flour...what to do?????

I had already had some flour and water together with the yeast, honey, oil...Now I had a brilliant (?) idea. Get another nail out of the brush and put it in the flour, so I could see what it felt like in the flour...would you believe it...I could not find the nail I had just placed in the flour...right there...I mean RIGHT THERE!

Maybe DooDah would be a better description of what I had just done. [thank you for not telling me what you are thinking, that is very kind of you]

I called DH and told him...after he stopped laughing--which made me laugh--he suggested I sift the rest of the flour.(sigh...when frustrated one does not think too well)

Sifted the flour--about 1/2 of it--and found nothing. See? my third or fourth mistake by now, was adding the flour as I sifted it, into the mixer...sigh, again!

I had to discard the entire batch...did not want to break a tooth, or worse yet, swallow the nails and...So there it the patio...should had put it in the it has overflowed the giant bowl and is dribbling into the yard--mistake #5 or #6 by now!

So...dear girls, I'm typing this while I wait for my current batch of dough to rise.

Ok, ok, when you stop laughing, leave me YOUR worst bread story--maybe no one else is this wreckless.

Pictures later. ^__^


BellaMama said...

You didn't think of using a magnet?! I'm really surprised! Very, very funny story.
My worst bread story happened for the first several years we were married. I burnt it all the time! REALLY crusty on the outside and really dry inside. Bricks!! Could have built a house!! (hehe) Enjoy your fresh bread.
*still laughing*

Jules said...

LOL! Years ago my youngest son slipped a toy car into the dough when I wasn't looking. I noticed a few bits of green stuff (it was grass I learnt later - he'd been playing with his car outside before he popped it in the dough) but it wasn't until I punched the dough down that I realised what was in it!